GTA V Online 1.17 Update Is Make or Break for Rockstar

It’s no secret that Grand Theft Auto Online has been going through up and down periods this past summer, but lately things seem to be getting stale.  Rockstar continued to push Heists for Spring, and now that 1 year is approaching for GTA Online players are dropping off left and right with Rockstar failing to deliver.

Most players moved on to Destiny, but it looks as if Heists may just make it to the 1.17 update hopefully by September 30th (DLC Tuesday).  However, if Rockstar decided to not release Heists in the next 1.17 update, let alone next week on the one year anniversary; it would be the possibly the end for GTA Online despite the next generation release coming.  Without Heists we would see a small blip in GTA gaming for around the Holiday Season, and die out after that.

Now this isn’t hating on Rockstar, because most likely nobody else can or has been able to do what Rockstar is doing.  However, as a GTA player throughout the years, I have to admit I’m at my wit’s end when it comes to waiting on something to revive the game.

The Flight School update was like making your bucket list, and replacing the B with an F when people realized the lack of content for GTA Online.  But why is GTA Online doing so poorly lately?

Big factors are obviously mods as well as glitches, but most of this stuff probably will die out if Heists do come and pay out great amounts of cash.  Rockstar did a great job as far as making the actual game fair in money distribution, but it lacks the ever massive payouts required to buy a $1,700,000.00 jet that doesn’t even have weaponry.

Maybe venting this is going to be pointless after next Tuesday, but the 1 year anniversary is a make or break for Rockstar’s 1.17 GTA Online update.  After promises made to thirsty gamers all year, it’s going to cause a massive dip if Rockstar fails to deliver Heists by next week.

Let’s hope for the best!  Chat or Follow me on Twitter for more!


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